Computer science, is not only about computers.  It is about a special way of looking at the world - it is about exploration, creativity and computational thinking.  Consequently, I will be exposing the fifth graders to computers through a variety of different modalities. 

Recently I came across a book that I thought would help me do just that.  The book, Laruen Ipsum.  Today we started reading this whimsical novel in computer science class. 

Laurie is lost in Userland. She knows where she is, or where she's going, but maybe not at the same time. The only way out is through Jargon-infested swamps, gates guarded by perfect logic, and the perils of breakfast time at the Philosopher's Diner. With just her wits and the help of a lizard who thinks he's a dinosaur, Laurie has to find her own way home.

Lauren Ipsum is a children's novel about fundamentals of computer science and critical thinking, written for ages 8 and up. It has been featured in many publications including Wired, GOOD Magazine, NPR Radio, School Library Journal, and on CBC Radio's Spark with Nora Young.

I will be spending the last 5-10 minutes of class sharing this delightful novel with your children.  Feel free to read along!

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